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       * Dick James [[https://​twitter.com/​chipworksdick|@ChipworksDick]]       * Dick James [[https://​twitter.com/​chipworksdick|@ChipworksDick]]
     * [[http://​semiconductor.guru|Chris Tarnovsky]] (formerly Flylogic), [[https://​twitter.com/​semiconduktor|@semiconduktor]]     * [[http://​semiconductor.guru|Chris Tarnovsky]] (formerly Flylogic), [[https://​twitter.com/​semiconduktor|@semiconduktor]]
 +      * Flylogic is defunct, bought by IOActive
 +      * Tarnovsky is likely still working in the field but has not blogged since early 2015
     * Integrated Circuit Engineering (ICE)     * Integrated Circuit Engineering (ICE)
       * Defunct: bought by Chipworks       * Defunct: bought by Chipworks
       * Ex: Smithsonian Institute reports       * Ex: Smithsonian Institute reports
 +    * [[http://​www.ioactive.com/​|IOActive]]
 +      * Security consulting firm that offers IC analysis
     * [[http://​www.sciencevisionre.com/​|Science Vision]] [[https://​twitter.com/​ScienceVisionRE|@ScienceVisionRE]]     * [[http://​www.sciencevisionre.com/​|Science Vision]] [[https://​twitter.com/​ScienceVisionRE|@ScienceVisionRE]]
     *  [[http://​www.sitrigroup.com/​|SITRI Group]]     *  [[http://​www.sitrigroup.com/​|SITRI Group]]
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