An Integrated Circuit (IC) Reverse Engineering (RE) Wiki

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This wiki is based upon the following principle:

Observation 11.6. Understanding layouts and cross sections of semiconductor devices does not require all of the physics and manufacturing details. To gain a fairly useful — though merely qualitative — appreciation, it suffices to differentiate among

* (conductive) metals,
* (conductive) polysilicon,
* strongly n- and p-doped semiconductor materials,
* weakly n- and p- doped semiconductor materials, and
* (nonconductive) dielectrics.

“Digital Integrated Circuit Design: From VLSI Architecture to CMOS Fabrication” by Hubert Kaeslin

Thus this wiki does not attempt to deal with detailed device physics, floorplanning algorithms, etc. Rather, it aims to provide a high level qualitative feel of how ICs are built so that they can be analyzed for one reason or another. Information here is not aimed to be sufficient to actually design an IC but may give a good feel of what goes into it.

The most developed pages are currently:

  • Decapsulation, especially related to epoxy
  • Research paper and presentations lists
  • List of die image archives

What is this?

  • A place to collaborate on IC reverse engineering
  • Document techniques for decapping chips
  • Document techniques for analyzing to netlists
  • Document techniques for getting around chip protection

What is this NOT?

Where to start?


Many of the procedures on this Wiki are extremely dangerous and should not be attempted except by trained professionals. We take no responsibility for accuracy of the information including, but not limited to, any safety precautions or other procedural notes that may result in personal or material damage. Do not attempt these procedures unless you are certain that you can do so safely without damage to yourself, others, and/or your surroundings. This information is provided without warranty and for reference only. We are in no way responsible for how you use it.


If you want to contribute, send me a brief message telling me your interest in IC RE and what you think you might be able to contribute if you are given access. Contact me directly at JohnDMcMaster <at> gmail.com



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