A good acid gas respirator such as a 3M 7800 can help reduce your exposure to various chemicals when loaded with the proper cartridges. It should be used as a fallback protection mechanism and not your primary protection.


If you are not careful the corrosive chemicals will destroy many things around you. While you might not notice a pit on your already beat up workbench, you'll probably notice a gaping hole in your favorite t-shirt. Get a lab coat and try not to wear anything too valuable.


Many of the chemicals and fumes used in these procedures are deadly. Operate in a well ventilated area.

Safety shield

Even if you are very careful, glassware breaks. Its not a Good Thing if glassware breaks when you have it filled with 100 mL of 300C 98% H2SO4. Make sure you are protected if things go astray. If nothing else be sure to wear safety goggles.

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