Due to the nature of many of the chemicals involved, it is highly recommended that you only purchase high quality glassware to reduce the chance of an accident. Since most reactions are small, this hopefully shouldn't hurt the bank.

See also: Plasticware

Biased vendor review

I say biased because people have different experiences. TODO: add pictures and other data to backup my claim

Highest quality:

  • Chemglass

Good quality:

  • Pyrex
    • Note: stay away from older glassware using green lettering as it tends to be less durable than modern glassware
  • Kimax
  • Ace
  • Kimble/Kontes

Moderate quality

  • Borosil: bubble free but surface had small distortions. I (JM) did not have crossed polarizers at the time to see if this is really an issue. In any case I imagine this would make it a little more difficult to clean and still probably increase fracture potential even if not strained

Stay away from these:

  • Bomex: glassware tends to have a lot of defects, in particular a large number of bubbles
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