Don't use actual glassware for anything related to HF. Additionally, anything tht uses HF, especially staining solutions, should be copper free. Experience has shown that even trace amounts of copper after a thorough cleaning can contaminate etching solutions.

I love fluoropolymers since they work with just about anything but they can be expensive. Polypropylene works just as well in many cases. HDPE/LDPE probably next in order of general preference.

Of course, make sure to look up compatibility before assuming that a chemical is safe to use in a given container. A quick check chart can be found here.

Fluorinated plastics can be useful in a number of situations. They tend to be very clean, are reasonably heat resistant, chemically resistant, and have many other desirable properties. Depending on the application, PTFE (Teflon), PFA gets used for wafer boats. See the Dupont website for a nice comparison chart.

3114-0030: Nalgene / Oak Ridge 30 mL tubes, FEP w/ ETFE cap

Cole Parmer: PFA Test Tubes With Caps, 5 mLYO-63614-20



Nalgene makes PFA bottles with ETFE caps. They are somewhat common on eBay. Example dealer here lists them as “Nalgene* Narrow-Mouth Bottles; Teflon* PFA screw closure”.

Entegris makes similar FLUOROPURE brand bottles. Product sheet here.


Made by Nalgene

Misc Fluoropolymer

Entegris Fluoroware are the majority of fittings you'll find on the surplus market. Parker also makes similar (compatible?) fittings

Millipore makes also makes stuff for high purity chemicals (ex: Chemgard PFA filter housings). Mykrolis Chemlock is similar

Sani-Tech West makes some nice PFA piping for pharmaceutical industry

Chemware PFA lab jar:

CapitolBrand makes jointed “glassware”: has new PTFE stuff from China including:

  • Beakers
  • Flasks
  • Funnels
  • Spoons
  • Bottles


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